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 A selection of Film clips featuring or made on the Isle of Wight. as a way of celebrating and promoting the Isle of Wight as a Location and Production site for Film and Video makers (if you know more film clips that should be here, let us know)

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Over 200 (with 4.5 million views) Original Wight based Bango/ EspadaRolls Saucy Music Videos

‘Saucy Seaside Rock Fort’ Musical in development and production as a video draft - More details and Act 1 below

Victoria and Abdul, a Working Titles film directed by Stephen Frears and starring Judy Dench. Partly filmed at Osborne House with many Wight based extras. (See cast list) Released September 15th 2017. Trailer below

August 2016 Island People Island People 'Extras' Agency. Island People. Locations, Models, Actors, PR Staff & Services on the Isle of Wight.

February 2016: Isle of Wight Film and TV services network

August 2016 IWFB site re Published.

 2013 - 2016. Isle of Wight based Production company required (now found and in discussions) for 6 part Isle of Wight based TV series by acclaimed Screen Writer, Artist and Sculptor Lawrence Holofcener who has a base in Bembridge IW. Check out his web site and E mail him direct or get in contact with us for further details.

Benny Hill Chinaman going to Isle of Wight clip from 1972

Car Mascots’ Animation Film Clip

 Films featuring (or made on) the Isle of Wight


 SHATTERED (1972 UK trailer) "Something to Hide" Peter Finch & Shelley Winters

Rare 70's British Thriller that was also released under the title Something to Hide. This film follows the slow disintegration of a man's (Peter Finch) life due to the problems brought on by his troubled marriage, his drinking, and the appearance of a strange hitchhiker (Linda Hayden). Before he knows it, he's in over his head and mixed up in violence and murder. .Set in and around Bembridge Harbour Buy from Ioffer

‘That'll be the day’ Clips

2 scenes from the 1974 Movie "That'll Be The Day" filmed on the Isle of Wight scenes at Puckpool Park near Ryde and if you click on the following link ( Shanklin beach and pier.That'll Be The Day created in 1974 starring Ringo Star, David Essex, Rosemary Leech, Billy Fury, Keith Moon, directed by Claude Whatham and Michael Apted. The story is based on a working class boy desperate to leave his fairground dead- end job and become a rock 'n' role star. Abandoned as a child, Jim has a rebellious view of school and exams. By chance, he comes across a guitar and in a wave of rebellion drops school and attempts to advance his career. Buy from Amazon

‘The Winslow Boy’

Partly filmed on the Isle of Wight. Absolutely remarkable adaptation of Terence Rattigan's play "The Winslow Boy" by american versatile director David Mamet. introducing Gemma Jones, Rebeca Pidgeon, Matthew Pidgeon, Guy Edwards, Jeremy Northam and the unforgettable Nigel Hawthorne. The film is based on the fight for justice against the Royal Navel Academy. Arthur Winslow (Hawthorne) when toasting his daughter Catherine's engagement is informed of his 13-year-old son, Ronnie's expulsion for stealing five shillings from the Naval academy. When questioned regarding the missing money, Ronnie claims innocence regarding the matter. Arthur Winslow risks prosperity, physical well-being, and his daughter's future to pursue what he believes justice. Buy from Amazon

‘Guest House Paradiso’ Trailer

Guest House Paradiso was released in 1999 and stars Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson (who also wrote and directed the film) Helene Mathieu, Vincent Cassel, and Simon Pegg. The film is based on two unemployed slackers, who have sacrificed their grotty London flat for an even grottier South Coast motel. The walls are rotting, and the location is adjacent to a nuclear power station. The light switches turn themselves off, the kitchen staff are dependant alcoholics and the children's play area hangs precariously on the edge of a cliff.Starring: Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Vincent Cassel, Helene Mahieu, Bill Nighy, Simon Pegg, Fenella Fielding and Lisa Palfrey Written by: Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson Produced by: Phil McIntyre Directed by: Adrian Edmondson Buy from amazon

 ‘Mrs Brown’ Original Trailer Buy from Amazon

Starring Judy Dench and Billy Connolly was based on events surrounding Osborne House at the time of Queen Victoria's reign. The film is set in and around Osborne house. The story is based around the period after Prince Albert's death, where Victoria is in inconsolable circumstances, and is incapable of performing her expected duties, such as the opening of State Parliament. As a result, Her Majesty's secretary, Sir Henry Ponsonby, is forced to summon John Brown from Balmoral to aid the Queen in her time of grief.

‘The English Patient’ Trailer

Compared by many to the works of English great David Lean, The English Patient is regarded as Minghella's best work. An epic love story immaculately cast, produced and directed, The English Patient swept the board at The Oscars and underlines why Minghella's death at the early age of 54 is a tragic loss to the world of cinema.When Island-born director, Anthony Minghella scooped nine Oscars for The English Patient in 1997, he pronounced it "a great day for the Isle of Wight". Only his third feature film, the success of The English Patient brought worldwide renown to the director and, indeed, to his home town. Set in the Second World War, The English Patient stars Ralph Fiennes, Kirsten Scott Thomas, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Naveen Andrews and Colin Firth. It features wartime footage of the Isle of Wight as well as cameo roles for his parents Edward and Gloria Minghella. Buy from Amazon

‘New Years Day’ (Movie Trailer)

A film by Suri Krishnammo with many shots of drug taking underneath Ryde pier Buy from Amazon

Lady Chatterley’ 1993

A TV film by Ken Russell with Sean Bean and Joley Richardson. Many views of Bonchurch Buy from Amazon

 ‘Fragile’ Trailer 2007

 Young nurse Calista Flockhart who takes a job at a dilapidated children's hospital during its closing days. She tries to uncover the mystery behind ghostly attacks that hurt the children. Richard Roxburgh, Yasmin Murphy and Gemma Jones, Calista Flockhart and Richard Roxburgh Buy from Amazon

Artist BB Bango Stop Motion Animation

painting his latest masterpiece 'ClaySails' onto 20*30cm Terracotta tile using powdered clay and acrylic paint.

Mini Bricks Stop Motion Animation.

Produced and edited with original music by EspadaRolls in Ryde Isle of Wight January 2013

‘Views of the Isle of Wight’

Music From Moving Waves by FocusFilm edited December 2012 in Bembridge Isle of Wight

’Reach for the Moon

A 2000 romantic drama TV mini series, directed by Rob Evans and Joanna Hogg. The series takes place in England, against the beautifully lush backdrop of the Isle of Wight. The story follows students of the local school, the teachers and the students' parents, as they navigate life and try to figure out life, love and everything else. New relationships and rivalries unfold every day, including the troubled relationship between Penny (Lynda Bellingham) and her son Paul (Jonathan Kerrigan). 

‘The Isle of Wight Festival 1970’ (Whole 2 hour programme you can Buy from Amazon )

Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 at Afton Farm Nr Freshwater featuring Jimi Hendrix, Procul Harem, The Doors, Who, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Moody Blues, Free, Arthur Brown, Ten Years After, Joan Baez and many more. Over 600,000 Festival goers visited the Isle of Wight (population 120,000). This footage show Free all right now

‘The Isle of Wight Festival 1970’ (Short)

 Another documentary made about Isle of Wight Festival in 1970

Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight Festival 1969 (B/W French)

 French documentary Bob Dylan at Isle of Wight Festival

 The Isle of Wight Festival 2012 Highlights

 Bruce Springsteen, Primal Scream, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Madness, Usher and many more

 The Isle of Wight Festival 2011 Highlights

 Kings of Leon, Beady Eye, Tom Jones, Iggy Pop and many more

 The Isle of Wight Festival 2010 Sunday Highlights

  13th June Spandau Ballet,Ocean Colour Scene, Paul McCartney, Editors and many more

 The Isle of Wight Festival 2010 Saturday Highlights

  12th June Crowded House, La Roux, Orbital, The Strokes and many more

 The Early Leaders - J.P.Morgan Asset Management Round the Island race 2012

  Action from the Early Leaders & 1st rounding's at the needles from the J.P.Morgan Asset Management Round the Island race 2012

 P1 SuperStock UK Cowes Race Summary 2012

  Round 4 of the 2012 P1 SuperStock Championship featuring the marathon race Cowes-Poole-Cowes.

 Powerboat Racing Cowes 1960s

  A short video of Brave class patrol boats and the Cowes Torquay offshore powerboat races of the 1960s.

 Spitfire flying around the Isle of Wight Schneider Trophy Red Bull 2008

  To celebrate the return of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship to London on 2 & 3 August this year, current World Championship leader Paul Bonhomme today took the controls of a 1940's Spitfire to try his hand at 'air racing' of a different kind. Bonhomme's aim was to test the speed and agility of the Spitfire, against a modern day plane designed specifically for the Red Bull Air Race, the MX2, piloted by his World Championship opponent Nigel Lamb.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first production line Spitfire and the 85th anniversary of the first Schneider Trophy race in the UK which was a speed race over 200km contested by the Spitfire's predecessor, the Supermarine S.6b.

In a nod to the UK Schneider Trophy course which was situated around the Solent over Calshot and Cowes, Bonhomme and Lamb flew their planes on a lap around the Isle of Wight, using the stunning Needles as a natural start and finish gate

 Isle of Wight in the Past Part 1

 Old movie film of the Isle of Wight-from the 1920's to the 1950's

 Isle of Wight in the Past Part 2

 A trip down memory lane with vintage film of The Island in the 1950's & 1960's...back when the IOW was an exotic destination!.

 Isle of Wight in the Past Part 3

 A look back at the days of steam and railway journeys to and around the Isle of Wight. Edited from old archive footage.

 Official NEW song and video 'Ecoisland' from Derek Sandy Produced on the Isle of Wight to promote the Ecoisland-

 ‘Epic Art’ music video by Pop Artist, and Producer BB Bango featuring ‘Epic’ by the EspadaRolls band. more at

'Epic Bembridge Art' by The EspadaRolls band. Surreal music video from BB Bango on Vimeo.

 Wight Film Network February 2011 Screening Trailer

 Wight Film Network's screening of local films took place on Saturday Feb 19th 2011.It was a mix of quality films, comedy and documentaries that highlight the Isle of Wight, its people and its talent. Shown on the big screen in the Anthony Minghella Theatre at Quay Arts were:
-Island Artisans; Carisbrooke Castle; Eyecatcher & One Design; The Take Away Shows from Vincent Moon (selection);Vincent Moon Exclusive Interview; -The Grand -The Man Who Walked. Visit; Music courtesy of The Operators; Edit by Andrew Wilks.All clips courtesy of the content owners: Oakshed Media Ltd, Visual Light, Screen Test Partners, La Blogotheque, James Willis/Contains Nuts, Domestic Science/Brian.

 V Fringe Festival Taster 2010 - Holly Kirby - Riddles & Rhymes

Taster to VFringe Festival in August 2010, songwriter Holly Kirby performs her song 'Riddles & Rhymes' along the promenade.
More info Holly: Shoot crew: Callum Murphy, Nigel Bulloch, Alex Welsford, Mhairi Macaulay.
Camera: Matt Steen, Andrew Wilks

 A short Film by Merc Winter 2011

Shows the brilliant Autumn Winter 2011 collection. The filming took place in a fantastic location called The Mission, just outside Chale on the Isle of Wight. More at

 Isle of Wight Film Festival 2012 Taster

Taster to Isle of Wight Film Festival in August 2012, from Bruce Webb

Isle of Wight Film Festival 2012 from Bruce Webb on Vimeo.

 Time lapse of Cowes

Time lapse of Cowes

 Yacht hit by Tanker Cowes Week 2011

 Bestival 2012 Good times

 South Island Music - Gobo Lava Lamp images and IW music and music videos

Four in a Bed Channel 4 Still Broadcast 18/2/2013 Four in a Bed Channel 4 Still. broadcast 18/2/2013

 Four in a Bed’ featuring The Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge, IW was broadcast 18-22nd February 2013 on Channel 4 and repeated early March 2014. Also Escape to the Country featuring Bembridge residents Jon and daughter Sarah Dyer. Broadcast 5th March 2014 on BBC1 Get off

Harrison Bristow Holiday Lettings. Holiday Accomodation and Lettings throughout Isle of Wight

Original artworks by Isle of Wight Artist BB Bango music by the EspadaRolls Band. BB Bango uses powdered clay in his paint. He does original interpretations of masterpieces such as those by Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, Edvard Munsch and others. See all his paintings at and more EspadaRolls music at


'The Man who Walked' promotional poster

 ‘The Man Who Walked’

 Independent film made on the Isle of Wight. The Man Who Walked is about a man that has a breakdown at work. He walks away from everything in a confused state of mind. His wife is going out of her mind with worry. When he returns a week later he can't recall where he has been. He can't imagine how this has affected his wife or what comes next. It features some stunning location shots and was made really as a hymn to the land of the Isle of Wight. More at

 Bestival 2015 Highlights

 Isle of Wight Festival 2014 Highlights

 Fleetwood Mac Isle of Wight Festival 2015

 Bestival 2014 The After Movie

 Bestival 2013 Praise You FatBoy Slim

The part of FatBoy Slim's Bestival Birthday Bash set at Bestival 2013 in which Resonate sang an arrangement by director Hannah Brear, of Praise You. Resonate were backed by members of the Medina Community Choir and RobdaBank was playing piano.

 Bestival 2013 Chic Good Times

The Red Arrows at Cowes Week 2013

 Cowes Week Behind the Scenes 1998 Part 1 of 2 Documentary 1998 documentary about the behind the scenes running of Cowes Week - the largest sailing regatta in the world. The programme follows the week of organisers, sailmakers, yachtsmen, bar owners, search and rescue helicopter staff, celebrities and the police. The first of two programmes

 Cowes Week Behind the Scenes 1998 Part 2

Panerai British Classic Week, Cowes 6 - 13 July 2013, Day 1

Every year, in late July, the old port of Cowes on the isle of Wight, and the legendary waters of the Solent - the strait separating the island from England, famous for its unique combination of winds and tides - play host to the most important event in the United Kingdom for classic yachts, part of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge since 2010.

 Cowes Week 2013 Local Southern Echo Report

 Benny Hill Chinaman

Going to Isle of Wrrright. Clip from 1972

Benny Hill Chinaman by jwj

 ‘Car Mascots’ Animation Film Clip.

Launched March 11th 2014. Dancing Car radiator mascots coming together as do the car owners. do too. Based on a PreWar Punch cartoon and painted by Bembridge based BB Bango. EspadaRolls produced to original music ‘Rythmn’ by Paul Williams. It is a very silly video but with a bit of charm to it.

Mascots. Simple animation of two mascots. Music video from BB Bango on Vimeo.

 ‘What makes a Good Party’ Film Clip edited by Bembridge based BB Bango using ‘Public Domain’ Copyright Free film clips

'What makes a good party?' film archive from BB Bango on Vimeo.

 ‘What to do on a Date’ Film Clip edited by Bembridge based BB Bango using ‘Public Domain’ Copyright Free film clips.

'What to do on a Date' film archive from BB Bango on Vimeo.

 ‘Epic’ by Wight based The EspadaRolls Band - Video Art in Bembridge, Isle of Wight by IW Pop artist and music video producer BB Bango

'Epic Bembridge Art' by The EspadaRolls band. Surreal music video from BB Bango on Vimeo.

 ‘’Green Card Lover’ by ‘The Fabulous Little Vegas’ - a Sheffield based band music video edited by BB Bango using ‘Public Domain’ archive film clips. This is one of over 202 original Bango/EspadaRolls ‘Adult’ music videos using these type of clips and many ‘saucy’ original video clips. Since January 2016 over 4.5 million video views and over 5,000 followers. At April 2018 approx 4,000 views per day.

'Green card' by 'The Fabulous little Vegas' music video from BB Bango on Vimeo.

 ‘’Saucy Seaside Rock Fort’ Rough Video draft of Alternative ACT 1 'Saucy Seaside Rock Fort - Clarence by the sea ' Musical. The UK and its premier port Portsmouth is under potential attack. Meanwhile a wedding celebration in Southsea (next to Portsmouth) turns into a marriage proposal leading to a perilous sea journey to a Rock fort where there is a Seventies saucy party going on..... This is the 'all audiences' version. There is also an 'Adult only' version coming soon. 5 Acts have been completed and rough drafts are on (search ‘BB Bango’) another 2 to go. If any interest may try to stage it. New EspadaRolls Saucy Seaside Rock Musical - 'Saucy Seaside Rock Fort'. The story starts at Southsea, Southern England. Our two heroes Jimmy and (sweet) Jane are at a gay wedding. Deciding to get married they go by boat to the Isle of Wight 7 miles away by sea. But fog comes down. Lost they hit one of the old sea forts. The door of the sea fort opens - to a Seventies ‘Benny Hill, Carry on, Dick Emery’ Saucy Party. With lots of naughtiness in the various fort rooms the party affects our main a good way?
 Over 20 original songs and innuendoes using original clips from Seventies comedy shows. Video file is regularly changed as newer drafts are made.

Alternative ACT 1 Saucy Seaside Rock Fort Musical from BB Bango on Vimeo.

 ‘’Victoria & Abdul’ Trailer. Partly filmed with Isle of Wight extras at Osborne House. Judy Dench, Michael Gambon, Eddie Izzard are in it

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